Sideboom Operator

Division: Civil
Location: Fort McMurray, AB, Canada
Job ID: 18352
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Job Description

Job Summary
You are an experienced Sideboom Operator, responsible for operating a Hydraulic Sideboom in accordance with quality, safety and efficiency standards.

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  • Effectively and safely operates hydraulic sidebooms utilizing machine specific controls and machine attachments to complete all necessary tasks related to pipeline construction. This includes operating on adverse terrain, in winter operations, and/or near other equipment and power lines.
  • Utilizes Sideboom in crowded, fast-paced working environments, and exercises extreme caution with awareness of potential situational hazards to ensure site safety.
  • Interprets verbal and non-verbal communication (including hand signals) from operators, ground personal and swampers, and acts accordingly
  • Performs mechanical inspections and servicing including sideboom controls and operations, completing log books, performs maintenance and adjustments, ensures good housekeeping, and performs machine lubrication
  • Performs effective operation of equipment by recognizing unusual machine movements and sounds
  • Recognizes existing and potential hazards and knows how to identify these through conducting a field level pre-job hazard analysis, checking the machine for hazards and assessing any tasks before start
  • May perform other related duties as assigned

  • 1-3 years of experience operating hydraulic sidebooms, which can include: completion of a one-to two-year apprenticeship program or some high school, college or industry courses in sideboom operating combined with a minimum of 1-2 years of directly related work experience with hydraulic sideboom experience
  • Must have experience and knowledge using manuals, sideboom configuration, pre-use inspections, maintenance and practical use of sidebooms
  • Must be able to interpret capacity chart(s) and identify the rigging requirements
  • Must be able to understand the capacity of each component and the relationships between the length of the boom, length of cable, cable size and load limits
  • Must successfully complete pre-access drug and alcohol testing
  • Must be willing and able to obtain valid PCST (Pipeline Construction Safety Training), First Aid Lvl C with CPR, Professional Driver Improvement Training, and Ground Disturbance Lvl 2 certificates. Training provided.
  • Must possess a valid form of government issued photo identification
  • Must have demonstrated ability to work under minimal supervision
  • Willing to provide a valid driver abstract

Work Conditions
  • This is a site based position
  • 14/7 rotation
  • Flights from Edmonton or Calgary

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