Pilot Truck Driver - Pipeline

Location: Valemount, BC, Canada
Job ID: R4451
Job Status: Full-Time



Job Summary:

You are an experienced and enthusiastic Truck Driver who and takes pride in safe and efficient operation. You will be operating a Pilot Truck and will be responsible for front and rear escorting of over-dimensional load trucks at the Pipeline sites.


  • Front escort to warn oncoming traffic an over-dimensional load is following, by traveling appropriate distance ahead of the load and displaying an approved dimensional sign and flashing lights
  • Use two-way radio to warn the load driver of any potential problems ahead, including hazards, obstructions, or pedestrians on the road ahead
  • Make sure vehicles are following the route specified on the permit
  • Find safe places for vehicles to pull over to allow following traffic to pass safely
  • Warn motorists, using proper flagging procedures, to stop at the entrance to narrow
  • Take appropriate measures and stop or control traffic as required to allow side loads to safely cross over structures as required due to width of load
  • Rear escort to warn traffic approaching from the rear that an over-dimensional load is ahead by traveling appropriate distance behind the load and by displaying an approved dimensional sign and flashing lights
  • Use two-way radio to warn the load driver of flat tires, objects coming loose from the load, defective lights and other potential hazards the driver may not be aware of
  • Notify the load driver and/or front escort vehicles of motorists attempting to pass the load
  • Complete relevant paperwork as required by National safety and legal standards 
  • Maintain a clean and organized work environment
  • Assisting in labour duties supporting in field trucking such as chaining down equipment, cleaning tracks


  • Must possess a valid class 5 driver's license
  • Must successfully complete pre-employment drug and alcohol testing
  • Must have previous experience as a pilot car driver working in BC
  • Leadership experience in a related field will be an asset

Additional Information:

Company Description

Ledcor Pipeline offers a unique set of pipeline services unmatched anywhere in the oil and gas industry. From pipeline construction to investigative digs and subcontractor management, we are accustomed to operating in challenging terrain, and we maintain some of the largest pipeline networks in the world. 

But when you work for Ledcor, your experience will go far beyond the project. Do you want a career that means more? Join our True Blue team now!

Date Posted
Oct 15, 2020

., Valemount, BC, Canada