Is Ledcor still hiring?

At this time, Ledcor is continuing to hire for many roles. As safety is our highest priority, we are working closely with our customers in ensuring a safe work environment for all.  Please be patient with us, the interview and selection process might take a little longer than usual. We’re committed to keeping our candidates updated as we deal with this evolving situation.


I recently applied for a position – what is happening to my application?

Within 24 hours you should have received an automated email message saying we’ve received your application. If you’re chosen for further consideration, our recruiting team will contact you.


You can log into your Ledcor Workday Candidate account at any time to check the status of your application.


Due to the current global situation with COVID-19 you may receive an email from Ledcor advising that the needs of the position have been re-evaluated and that position you applied for has been cancelled.  We will re-activate the hiring process for many of these positions when our business returns to normal.


Should I still submit my resume and apply for an open job opportunity at Ledcor?

Yes, we welcome all interested candidates to apply and regularly visit jobs.ledcor.com for updates and job opportunities.


How is Ledcor addressing the interview process?

We have always made the safety and health of employees our first priority. At this time, our recruitment team will be conducting all interviews via video conference or phone.


What is Ledcor doing to protect the health and safety of those at the job site?  

We are working closely with our customers to ensure a safe work environment for all and following the government protocols as posted, as well as Ledcor and clients site specific protocols.